:: DogFriends ALAVIS Agility Fun Weekend 2019 ::



:: DogFriends ALAVIS Agility Fun Weekend 2019 ::


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Date: 23.-24.3.2019

Place:  Kynologická hala Kladno Map

Judges: Jari Suomalainen (Finsko), Vendula Hausnerová (SK)

Surface: Artifficial grass Juta Grass

Electronic timekeeper, online results


Entry fee:


fee (non CZ working book)

bank note

deadline 20.3.2019


registration No. + ALAVIS2018

1 day fee

(only after 15.1.2018 if there are spots left)


registration No. + ALAVIS2018


This cover on Sat: 2x A1-A3 runs + 1x jumping open / on Sun 2x A1-A3 runs + pair relay (agility).

Bank information:

Name of the account: DogFriends z.s.

IBAN: CZ7620100000002000990381



Registration: kacr.info



SAT: 2x A2 > Jumping Open > 2x A3 > 2x A1

SUN: 2x A2 >Pair Relay c > 2x A3 > Super Finále (15 qualified teams) > 2x A1




The main competition of the weekend is the combination of the jumping and A3 run + Super Final. ONE winner takes 10.000,- CZK (400 EUR)!

Qualification for the Super Final: Best three A3 teams and best two A2 teams of each height category of the combination of saturday jumping and sunday 2nd A3/A2 run get the ticket for the Super Final. For the combination we count fault = 3 seconds extra to the measured time, no refusals, disqualification = disqualification.

Super Final in order S>M>L, always from 3rd to 1st place of combination in each height. The winner of the Super Final takes full 10.000,- CZK (400 EUR). (All height categories counts together)

The Super Final trial will be part of 2nd A3 trial (about 15 obstacles) - there will not be extra course walking. Also this run is under the rule fault = 3 seconds extra to the measured time, no refusals, disqualification = disqualification.


Pair Relay

The pair consists of 2 teams of the same height. There will be 2 different tracks on the parcour, so it is on each pair to choose who runs which.

Changeover: First dog ends the run at the tunnel, the first handler takes the pole bato from the second handler waiting for his run in marked area. His dog starts running thru the same tunnel oposite direction.

Time is measured the same way as in normal run. It starts with the first dog on the first jump and stops with the second dog on the last jump.

Fault = 3 seconds extra to the measured time, no refusals, disqualification = 15 seconds extra to the measured time (the team must passed all obstacles of their trial).

The pairs should be send to the e-mail jakub.stybr<a>seznam.cz.


Dogs must be 18 months and must have working books with.


Contact: Jakub Štýbr, jakub.stybr<a>seznam.cz, 608141696


Organization: DogFriends, z.s.
General partner: Patron ca, s. r. o., výrobce veterinárních přípravků Alavis

Partnersi: společnost Dibaq a.s. - výrobce výživových programů značky Fitmin, časopis Psí sporty


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